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Our Core Marketing Services

Social Media Marketing | SEO & SEM Services | Affiliate Marketing

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Social Media Marketing

Every single day, millions of people connect with their peers through social media networking sites...

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SEO & SEM Services

Wikipedia defines Search Engine Optimization as "the process of improving the volume and quality...

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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing programs are responsible for driving millions of customers and transactions...

Our Core Marketing Services

E-mail Marketing | Online Advertising | Analytics & Reporting

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E-mail Marketing

Through our e-mail marketing services, you can easily, effectively and quickly deliver your message...

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Online Advertising

As the percentage of Internet consumer spending grows, more and more businesses are allocating...

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Analytics & Reporting

We offer extensive web analytics and reporting services that come from different sources and span on...

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On-Site Optimization

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On-Site Optimization

SEO: On-Site Optimization

On-site search engine optimization is what gives the search engines an idea as to what your website is about.

The key terms you or your company is targeting must be clear and present to the search engines when their 'spiders' come and crawl your web pages.


A website that has the right features added to it will have quite an edge over a website that does not have these features optimized! 

ITprosNET.com's on-site optimization process is shortly outlined below:

  • Optimize No-Follow Links
  • Optimize JavaScript
  • Optimize Alt Tags
  • Optimize CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
  • Optimize H1, H2 (Header Tags)
  • HTML Sitemap Optimization
  • XML Sitemap and Submission
  • Add/Optimize Site Footer
  • Improving Site Architecture
  • Navigational Menu Optimization
  • Improve Code Structure
  • Page Speed Analysis
  • Add Descriptive Title Tags to Links
  • Add Canonical Link Tags
  • 301 Redirect Analysis
  • 404 Page Not Found Optimization
  • Robots.txt File Optimization
  • Duplicate Content Evaluation
  • Enhancement of Existing Content
  • Keyword Density Analysis
  • Meta Descriptions and Titles

Finally, our detailed checks and on-site optimization process places your website in the optimal "SEO Friendly" position which enables all other aspects of your online marketing campaign to have more value.

Should you have any SEO questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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We provide you with highly-detailed web design proposals. You won’t find anything like them. At our web design agency, we’ve created proprietary software specifically for this purpose.

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You are given access to our LIVE and modern interactive client portal where you can track all information regarding your project. It’s all there to keep everyone organized.

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You will have control over the final project cost and scope and we will be honest and tell you if we think it’s a good fit or not. We live by honesty, transparency and integrity!



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